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Resonate!Yemen had started as the idea of the founders as they strived from the land of the Immigration and with their friends  from the Yemeni youth residing at home and abroad, to deliver the absent voice of Yemeni youth to decision-making centers at the national and international levels, in addition to consolidating the principle of youth participation in the decision-making process.

Resonate was initially formed only by an idea that was formed after the announcement of the appointment of the "London conference", which was known at the Friends of Yemen conference, which was held on January 27, 2010, and which the British government invited to discuss the issue of terrorism in Yemen after thwarting the bombing operation. A terrorist whose bomber was a Nigerian, studied and lived in Yemen.

Resonate founders saw that the youth are the most important stakeholders in this issue and the discussions that will take place in the conference as they are the future, but their voice will be absent from this conference. And based on that, the idea of ​​a Resonate! Yemen started as  designed a questionnaire that was published widely on the Internet and in a number of Yemeni universities to collect the opinions of Yemeni youth on the most important issues to be discussed in the conference, then a special report was prepared highlighting the results of that questionnaire, and the report was translated into English and shared with a wide number of country representatives Participation in the Friends of Yemen conference and related research centers.

Given the great interest this idea received from Yemeni youth and from local and international policymakers, Resonate! Yemen founders decided to Continuing their activities to engage youth in public policies and focus more on Yemeni decision-makers, to launch at the end of 2010 the first project of the initiative in its new form, the Yemeni Youth Engagement Project in the Ten Priorities Plan for the Yemeni government, a plan that was presented at the London Conference as a focus of efforts Yemeni government for that period.

Following the succession of the youth’s demands during the period of their peaceful revolution in the year 2011 AD to change the ruling political system at that time, and due to the accelerating pace of developments in the political scene, the need necessitated its time and urgently the importance of the emergence and emergence of societal entities able to seize that opportunity to help change, in moments that were fateful It is extremely sensitive and important in the contemporary political history of Yemen, and to work to meet the aspirations and hopes of young people, to have a legitimate role in bringing about the change that they were at the head of, and to be given an opportunity to participate in the decision-making process.

At that time, it was necessary to convert a Resonate!Yemen From a youth initiative, to an entity in which it was agreed that he would engage in work under the civil society organizations, and the transformation station this time in August of 2011, Resonate!Yemen was recorded formally as civil society organization.

Since that date, Resonate works to empower thousands of Yemeni youth, male and female, through specific projects that allow them to build their capabilities, constructive interaction with their surroundings, and participate in changing their reality and their future for better.

The focus of Resonate! Yemen shifted, though, from reaching out to international policy makers to building dialogue channels with Yemen’s decision makers. As such, Resonate! Yemen set its vision as “to contribute to building sustainable policies in Yemen that aim at taking into consideration the input provided by Yemeni youth and value them as major stakeholders in policy design and implementation.

Resonate! Yemen works to bring the voices and ideas of young Yemenis to Yemen’s public policy discourse and support youth action on issues of national and international significance.

The Foundation works to deliver ideas and opinions of youth to the arenas of formulating public policies in Yemen and support youth projects of national and international importance. It seeks to achieve its mission through the following goals:

-Providing opportunities for young Yemenis to build policy analysis and civic leadership skills

-Encouraging policy makers in Yemen to accept youth as major stakeholders in policy design and implementation

-Developing and articulating policy proposals on issues pertaining to Yemen, both nationally and internationally.

-Implementing initiatives that are developed through public policy deliberations hosted by Resonate! Yemen.

-Becoming the resource of choice for Government, private sector, and local/international NGOs that wish to engage the perspectives and talents of Yemeni youth who have an interest in public affairs.

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