About Us

Our Resonate! is an excited group of Yemen’s youth participating in causing a maximum effect in the probability of absorption of their thoughts and ideas nationally and internationally.

Resonate! Yemen started as an initiative in January 2010 by a group of Yemeni youth living in Canada. The original objective of this initiative was to rally the voices of Yemeni youth - from all over the world - and convey it to the international community through the January 27, 2010 “Friends of Yemen” conference held in London, UK.


Participating in the “Friends of Yemen” conference attracted positive response, which drove the team to develop the idea of the initiative and seek a more sustainable entity that yields sustainable interventions and impact. As such, Resonate! Yemen was founded in August 2011 and is now registered with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor.


Resonate! Yemen works to bring the voices and ideas of young Yemenis to Yemen’s public policy discourse and support youth action on issues of national and international significance.


The focus of Resonate! Yemen shifted, though, from reaching out to international policy makers to building dialogue channels with Yemen’s decision makers. As such, Resonate! Yemen set its vision as “to contribute to building sustainable policies in Yemen that aim at taking into consideration the input provided by Yemeni youth and value them as major stakeholders in policy design and implementation.


Resonate! Yemen achieves its mission through the following objectives:

  1. Providing opportunities for young Yemenis to build policy analysis and civic leadership skills
  2. Encouraging policy makers in Yemen to accept youth as major stakeholders in policy design and implementation
  3. Developing and articulating policy proposals on issues pertaining to Yemen, both nationally and internationally.
  4. Implementing initiatives that are developed through public policy deliberations hosted by Resonate! Yemen.
  5. Becoming the resource of choice for Government, private sector, and local/international NGOs that wish to engage the perspectives and talents of Yemeni youth who have an interest in public affairs.