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Resonate! Yemen Foundation works to provides volunteering opportunities and  favorable environment that enables young people to have positive civic participation in society, by providing them with new skills and deepening their understanding of their rights and benefiting from the opinions of young people with an interest in public policies feild.

we provide the best practices in volunteer management, and to provide a satisfying experience for every volunteer in which their personal goals are consistent with the goals of the foundation.

Volunteers at Resonate will have the political and societal participation and embedding effective citizenship values by reinforcing their role in society, enabling them to build their capabilities to participate in the process of influencing the making and implementation of public policies.

This opportunities  will contribute to enhancing  youth opportunities in peace-building and community development through obtaining the necessary training and rehabilitation, and it is also an opportunity for the volunteer to acquire many practical skills during the volunteering period at Resonate!Yemen Foundation.

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