"Art of Hope" exhibition
Tuesday , 28th March , 2017

Resonate!Yemen Foundation opened today in Sanaa, the Fine Art Exhibition “Art of Hope” with the participation of a group of Yemeni professional artists from several Yemeni governorates. The idea of ​​the initiative coordinated by the famous artist / Mutahar Nizar is summarized in the presentation of 35 creative paintings that promote a culture of peace.

The exhibition touches on children's issues and their desire to live in a peaceful society. The exhibition will last for five days, the artwork will be displayed by the participants, in addition to artistic and interactive activities for the children, who will express themselves through art by participating in a workshop supervised by the artists participating in the artistic demonstration hosted by Sana'a, and will be followed by another artistic demonstration in Aden.

The attendees toured the exhibition and listened to the participants ’explanation of its contents and to the description of the art paintings and the messages they contain. The artist / Mutahar Nizar said about peace, hope and children, “In this event, I gather a group of the brightest plastic artists in Yemen, in order to remind the world of the children of Yemen and their suffering in their own way using color and brush, by displaying artworks that contribute to the promotion of a culture of peace, coexistence and protection of children And give them the best opportunities to live and develop. ”He added,“ The exhibition represents a window of hope for all its visitors, hoping that the sun of tomorrow will rise, announcing the end of the war that steals the childhood and dreams of children. ”

For its part, the plastic artist, Mahani Al-Warith, said that despite the destruction that is taking place in our country, hope still exists, and for this I participated in this artistic demonstration in order to deliver my message through art. Sima El-Debai - a plastic artist - expressed her happiness by participating in the exhibition because, through her paintings, she addressed topics related to children's hope to see a peaceful society.

 The opening event was attended by many citizens of different groups, in addition to various media

Target Group
Plastic artists - women - children
Start at
Tuesday, March 28th, 2017
End at
Thursday, March 30th, 2017

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