Resoante!Yemen organizes the conference "Announcing the strategic plans of Al Madinah and Al Jouba districts in Marib ...
Thursday , 1st October , 2020

Within the “My Contribution is Development” project implemented by the Resonate! Yemen Foundation in partnership with the Marib Generations Association and with the support of the European Union Mission in Yemen. Yesterday, Thursday, in the governorate of Ma'rib, a conference "Announcing the strategic developmental plans for Madinah and Al-Jouba districts"

The aim of the conference is to present the development plans of the targeted directorates, and the urgent requirements that the two directorates need in the development process. The aspects of the development plan for each directorate were reviewed separately to define it and what it contained in terms of development needs and projects at the level of each sector, reflecting the comprehensive vision for community development, improving the livelihood of citizens, upgrading the infrastructure and services and enhancing the performance of all service institutions.

For his part, the project coordinator at the Ajyal Marib Association, Mr. Abdul Khaleq Al-Hijazi, explained that the conference announcing development plans in the Madinah and Al-Jouba districts comes as a culmination of the work of the local authorities in the targeted districts, as part of my contribution project has been working on rehabilitating local authorities in the beneficiary districts in the field of strategic planning and identifying the needs of local communities. And preparing development plans.

He added, "The strategic plans that were launched are based on scientific foundations and standards and based on identifying the developmental needs of local communities.

The Director General of the City Directorate, Mr. Muhammad Saleh Farhan, and the Director General of the Jouba Directorate, Mr. Muhammad Shaif Nimran, emphasized the need for the two directorates to improve the level of public and basic services provided to citizens, improve the standard of living and develop the infrastructure, especially in light of the great challenges that the two directorates face as a result of their absorption. Large numbers of displaced people from different governorates of the Republic.

During the conference, directors of offices in the local authority and representatives of civil society organizations praised the conference, which is the first of its kind in the governorate, as it is the monitoring of local needs from the living reality professionally and according to modern scientific methods.

The conference was attended by Mr. Muhammad Salih Farhan, Director General of the City Directorate, Colonel / Muhammad Shaif Nimran, Director General of the Jouba Directorate, representatives of many international and local organizations and civil society activists, in addition to the presence of various media outlets.

Target Group
Local authority - international and local organizations - youth
Start at
Thursday, October 1st, 2020
End at
Thursday, October 1st, 2020

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