Resonate!Yemen implemented "Fifth Authority" Project

Resonate! Yemen Foundation, in partnership with the US Department of State "MEPI", implemented Saturday the "Fifth Authority ... Strengthening the capabilities of youth in monitoring and monitoring the implementation of the Gulf initiative and its implementation mechanism". The project aims to train 30 young men and women within ten days to enhance the role of youth as a third party in monitoring and evaluation The performance of the country's executive authorities.

The writer and researcher Majid Al-Madhhaji presented yesterday morning a training research article entitled "Knowledge background on the Gulf initiative" in which he reviewed the backgrounds that preceded the initiative with the outbreak of the February revolution and then the regional intervention and the contents of the initiative and highlighted its gaps and abuses that accompanied its application, especially dropping the "Interpretation of the initiative" and not forming it, and the most important What has been implemented so far and the methods of youth monitoring and monitoring of the Gulf initiative. This morning, Iona Craig, a correspondent for the British Times newspaper in Yemen, held a training course on the survey, its fundamentals and techniques, and the third session held a discussion session with journalist Mohamed Al-Absi to review his experience in investigative journalism.

The Fifth Authority project aims to build the capabilities of youth and activists to enable them to monitor and evaluate the extent of the Yemeni government’s commitment to the initiative of the Gulf Cooperation Council and its implementation mechanisms," said project coordinator Thanaa Farouk. Noting that the goal is to provide the trainees with the knowledge and experience of monitoring, both in the office and the field, and to identify the issues in advance of monitoring, planning, and methods of collecting and indexing information.

Farea Al-Muslimi, the project manager, stated that "thirty young men and women chosen to write monitoring reports will be trained about the implementation of the Gulf initiative, and the trainees will be distributed in various committees to monitor the implementation of the terms of the Gulf initiative. In addition, the monitoring and monitoring reports that will be produced by the trainees will be published." On the project's website, it will be presented to government officials and all interested parties in this regard. The training course lasts for two weeks from August 17 to August 28 and the researcher and journalist Tawfiq Al-Jund will provide a training material on the mechanisms of public policy analysis and evaluation, in which the participants will receive training on various topics such as public policies, investigative journalism, how to monitor and monitor and write their reports.


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