Resonate!Yemen implements a round table on "Marginalized Groups in Hadramout"
Friday , 27th September , 2019

As part of the activities of the leaders for development network in Hadramout,Resonate Yemen  implements on Tuesday in Sayun city  the third round table on "the marginalized groups in Hadramout".

The roundtable aimed to produce a preliminary diagnosis of the social marginalization of the marginalized in Hadramout through discussion with the target groups of decision-makers, leaders of civil society organizations and young activists from the Hadramout Valley and Coast.

In the opening, Assistant Undersecretary for Valley and Desert Directorates Affairs Eng. Hisham Al-Saidi stressed the importance of holding such sessions in order to educate citizens on how to deal with this group which is considered as part of society and the importance of integrating them in various aspects of community life.

The Director General of the Directorate of Sayun Mohammed Awad Al-Ameri in his intervention, the importance of the workshop, especially for the marginalized and the need to agree on a common vision to lift their difficult conditions and improve their conditions urgently and convey a more positive image of them in society.

For his part, the project officer at Resonate!Yemen Al-Baadani pointed out that the aim of the round table is to come up with a preliminary diagnosis of the reality of social marginalization of the marginalized group, by summarizing the discussions in this session and providing solutions by the competent authorities.

The roundtable moderated by Mr. Salem Bajri discussed five main themes (definition of marginalization, marginalized groups, nature of marginalization and social disparities, implications of marginalization, current governmental and community efforts).

 The round table was attended by the Assistant Undersecretary for the Directorates of the Valley and Desert Directorates in the governorate, the head of the office of the Hadramout University Conference in the valley and the desert, the directors of the directorates of Seiyoun and Tarim, a number of directors of the executive offices in the governorate, representatives of the Criminal Investigation Department and the Directorate of Seiyoun Security Directorate, in addition to a number of young men and women active in the field of civil society.

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