Within the “My contribution is development” program, “Resonate! opened the third training phase in Aden
Saturday , 26th September , 2020

within the “My Contribution to Development” program, which is implemented in Aden  Governorate and with the support of the European Union Mission in Yemen.Resonate! Yemen Foundation opened the third training phase in Aden  yesterday

the third training phase in Aden  was titled “Advocacy, Gaining Support and Mobilizing Resources” and will last for 10 days, with the participation of 40 young men and women from Aden Governorate.

For his part, the project officer pointed out that the implementation of such training workshops aims to support young activists to increase their understanding of the importance of the role of advocacy in empowering youth to participate and influence the decision-making process. It also aims to equip them with networking skills with civil and local society to support advocacy issues.

It is noteworthy that the training program lasts for a year and targets 160 young men and women from the governorates of Aden, Taiz, Hadramout, and

Ma'rib, during which several training workshops will be implemented on the topics of (identifying community needs - advocacy and lobbying and mobilizing resources - leadership - development project management - governance and local governance) .

Parallel to the training part of the project, the participants in the program will work to implement voluntary initiatives and coordinate with local councils and non-governmental organizations in different governorates. It is hoped that the work within the (My Development is Contribution) program will contribute to enabling young people to achieve greater effectiveness in order to improve conditions. Living and basic services and developing an environment of accountability.



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