Within the “My Contribution is Development” project, Resonate conclude the second training phase in Aden
Sunday , 22nd November , 2020

Resonate conclude in Aden today, the second training phase within the local council’s component, which was titled “Governance and Management of Development Projects,” within the framework of the “My Contribution is Development” Project activities, which implementing by the Foundation funded by the European Union commission.

The workshop lasted for 4 days, in which 20 participants and members of the local councils participated in the districts of Mualla and Khormaksar. participants received skills and knowledge related to issues of governance and management of development projects. The training focused on building the special skills of members of local councils and enhancing organizational capabilities and managerial skills in project management and risk management. Through  this training days , development projects were agreed upon as outputs of a training process, after the participants from Mualla and Khormaksar districts completed plans related to resource mobilization, communication, follow-up and evaluation.

For his part, the project manager indicated that “the training workshop aimed at supporting members of local councils to increase their understanding of the importance of governance issues and managing development projects, in addition to providing them with skills related to preparing communication plans, follow-up and evaluation.

He added, "The importance of this training is evident in that it enabled the participants to come up with an effective communication plan, a follow-up plan and an evaluation of strategic plans as an outlet within the development of the strategic plans that were previously prepared.

It is noteworthy that the "My Contribution is Development " project aims to enhance the capacity of local communities affected by conflict and self-reliance in Yemen, aims to create the appropriate conditions for long-term reconstruction and development, by supporting civil society and local councils. The project works on two interrelated axes, where the first axis gives priority to strengthen civil society with a focus on sustainability and capacity building of youth and civil society organizations. The second axis gives priority to building the capacities of local authorities, with a focus on district councils in the target governorates.

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