Digital Safety Training Course
Wednesday , 20th April , 2022

One of the key principles of Resonate! Yemen is to raise the awareness of the community to be able to understand its situation and address its problems. Under the “Strengthening Local Security in Yemen” program (SLSYP), a digital security training was held in Taiz targeting Security Department personnel and policewomen. 


This training was of great importance because it aimed at protecting individual privacy. “Such trainings and activities have become necessary as they are objectivized to teach how to protect the individual’s accounts on social media, with increasing number of people using smart phones more frequently are exposed to hackers. This training provided security and police authorities with new skills to deal with such issues that they haven’t dealt with,” said the SLSY program officer at Resonate!


The SLSY program officer, Mr. Majid, added that this training came under “Digital Safety and Protection of Women and Girls from Cyber Crimes” project, which covered several trainings for two months in Taiz governorate. This project is part of the SLSYP underway in five governorates. He also extended his gratitude to the local implementing partners in Taiz, including University Youth Foundation for Development and Youth Without Borders Organization for Development. 


The training targeted 10 participants from the Security Department personnel and policewomen in Taiz. The SLSY program officer stated that the project targeted a somehow small number although the need for such training is big, and he hoped that they would be able to conduct more trainings on digital security in future through other projects. 


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