Rehabilitation of 200 women in Taiz governorate on digital security
Tuesday , 17th May , 2022

As part of Resonate! Yemen activities under Strengthening Local Security in Yemen Program (SLSYP), 200 women from Taiz received training on digital security, including how to secure their social media accounts and deal with hacking attempts, which have become widely common lately.


The SLSY program officer stated that this training is important because “it qualifies the female trainees to be trainers specialized in digital security, who would be able to deliver training, consulting and technical support services.” The targeted women will be trained in batches, and each training will be for two days, which aims at providing trainees with the skills to use online digital security tools while using the internet and mobile phones as well as equipping them with the ability to secure their personal accounts as well as their privacy to avoid falling victims to cyber extortion.


Such an activity has objectives which address modern problems that the community has not dealt with. These problems were brought to discussion and trainees’ awareness was raised on how to deal with them, which will help reduce extortion and trigger the fight against it by community. “Everyone knows the psychological and moral impact resulting from extortion, which makes it a human duty to fight this phenomenon”, said the SLSY program officer.


Resonate! Yemen activities are implemented to respond to real issues, and recently, many problems have surfaced due to extortion practiced against Yemeni women who suffer from it. Thus, this training was a response to women’s issues, and it provided solutions for extortion which has victimized many women. The extortion might destroy the person’s life in a country governed by community norms.

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