Capacitating CSOs on Social Accountability
Thursday , 19th May , 2022

As part of its constant contribution to community awareness and given its 12-year relevant experience, Resonate! Yemen continued to furnish different types of support by not only targeting individuals but also CSOs. Within its Social Accountability Project (SAP), Resonate! targeted several CSOs in Ibb in partnership with Attanweer Development Foundation (ADA).  


This workshop is of paramount importance as it aimed at improving CSOs’ institutional work and their social accountability processes in particular. The program officer said, “We do care about improving CSO work, and this workshop assumed great importance for us, as it feeds into our goal, which is widely disseminating social accountability concept and encouraging CSOs to work on it and implement related projects.” 


The online workshop involved 10 CSOs located in Ibb governorate. “Regardless of the number of targeted CSOs or their locations, using all means possible to spread the concept of social accountability is of paramount importance and will bear fruit in future. This concept is crucial to be activated in CSO environment. Building the capacities of CSOs and applying the learned skills in real life fall within our responsibility. Most importantly, we feel happy that the activity of social accountability is expanding,” said the program officer. He also confirmed that online or face-to-face workshops on this concept can have the same results. 


This workshop was not the first as Resonate! Yemen had implemented some of the same activities where it dealt with CSOs only. “This activity was part of Resonate! pathway under our specific and meaningful mission. There is no difference whether the activity targeted individuals or CSOs. Our work primarily aims at raising awareness, which can be achieved through working with individuals, public institutions or CSOs,” said the program officer. These were the bodies and institutions targeted by the SAP, under which the workshop was conducted. 

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