Amplifying a Path to Peace
Monday , 23rd May , 2022

Resonate! Yemen continued to jointly work with civil entities and youth in Yemen through “Amplifying a Path to Peace Project”, which included advocacy and lobbying campaigns in Aden and Lahj governorates implemented in partnership with Afaq Shababia Foundation and in cooperation with Civil Alliance for Peace. 


This activity was particularly important because it aimed at mobilizing voices of peace through advocacy campaigns implemented by several initiatives. “The activity aimed at spreading awareness of peace concept and supporting peace voices. It also strengthened community cohesion and worked on two paths concurrently; I. understanding challenges faced by civilians and their impact on sustainable peacemaking and II. reporting these challenges so that actors working on Yemen’s issues could use them,” said the program officer.  


The activity engaged seven Yemeni youth initiatives which were provided with financial support to implement a month-long advocacy campaigns. The program officer added, “The activity was jointly implemented with carefully selected youth initiatives from a number of applicants. These youth initiatives worked hard to implement the campaigns, which called for applicable demands to lift the suffering caused by the conflict.” 


The advocacy and lobbying were part of the activities under the “Amplifying a Path to Peace Project in Yemen” which targeted several Yemeni governorates and was implemented in cooperation and partnership with a group of CSOs. The program team said, “We always try to verify our activities to benefit the Yemeni society, especially youth. However, such a variety of activities shall lead to the same goal of Resonate! Yemen, which is contributing to making a better-informed community and better reality.”  

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