.Civil Society Organization Sustainability Index for Yemen
Monday , 23rd May , 2022

For four years, Resonate! Yemen continued to be part of “Civil Society Organization Sustainability Index (CSOSI) for Yemen”. The CSOSI annual report assessed the effectiveness of CSOs in Yemen with support from USAID.


The CSOSI report project, which is a year-long effort, sheds light on civil society work. The project team said, “Working on this project is critically important because it provides clarification for readers on the civil society work as well as the challenges faced by CSOs and the corrective procedures for civil action if any.”


The CSOSI project indirectly targets CSOs, but in this year, it directly targeted 12 CSOs. “Great effort is exerted to produce this CSOSI report, as it requires a lot of research, investigation and communication. Also, there are steps preceding the reporting process, including forming an expert panel of CSOs, holding relevant meetings and conducting activities that are required for drafting the report,” said the project team.


The report aims to assess specific and focused aspects through seven key dimensions: legal environment, organizational capacity, financial viability, advocacy, service provision, sectoral infrastructure and public image. This report, issued by Resonate! Yemen, is part of an international effort, and it is jointly published to assess the CSOs status in 74 countries across the world, which count for half of the countries in the world.

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