Resonate!Yemen concludes the first training workshop within the "My Contribution is Development " program
Thursday , 19th December , 2019

Resonate!Yemen Foundation concluded today in Taiz Governorate the first training workshop within the “My Development Contribution” program which is implemented in the governorates of (Aden - Taiz - Hadramout - Ma'rib) and implemented by the Foundation in partnership with Youth Without Borders with support of  European Union.
The first training workshop on "Organizing and Communication Skills, and Meeting the Needs of Society" came and lasted for a period of six days, in which 40 young men and women from Taiz Governorate participated, through which they were taught how to define societal needs and define development priorities, in addition to training them in presentation and speech skills, Leadership skills, concepts related to conflict management, how to form youth networks, in addition to concepts related to effective community participation, participatory development planning, formulating goals and preparing development plans, with a view to enabling participants to benefit from donor funds N and direct them to meet the needs of society.

For his part, the project coordinator indicated, "The project aims to enhance the capabilities of young people to contribute to determining the needs of development projects in partnership with local authorities and relevant authorities. The project includes six training workshops that youth participate from several governorates, which will be on several different topics of identifying societal needs _ preparing Projects - Institutional Development - Leadership - Development Projects Management - Gender).

He added, "The implementation of such training workshops aims to support young activists to increase their understanding of society's interests and priorities, and enable them to build their own perceptions about peace and conflict issues and the role of youth in peacebuilding and conflict resolution.
In parallel with the training part of the project, each participant will work over a year in the implementation of volunteer tasks with related organizations, in addition to working with local councils and NGOs in Yemen, and it is hoped that work within the program (two development contributions) will enable young people to achieve Greater effectiveness to improve living conditions and basic services and to develop an accountability environment.

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