Youth Economic Empowerment in Yemen
The economic empowerment of youths is defined as: “Control of social, economic, political and cultural life conditions that would contribute to strengthening of youths' capacities to achieve their self-fulfillment( )”. According to this definition, empowerment of youths implies various forms. It is a multi-dimensional social process of political, economic and cultural levels. It is also a change process aiming at empowering youths through providing them with information on their environment and society. Further, it is an interaction of experiences among individuals and institutions. Ultimately, it is a development process focusing on individuals’ awareness of their abilities and how to develop them so as to become qualified to cope pace with development.

In Yemen, the economic empowerment of youths comes as a priority of development-related concerns as youths are the main human source of development and represent one of the effective elements of positive economic and social change for realizing sustainable development goals. The economic empowerment of youths has become more important as the young people (15-24 years old) represent 31% of population( ) in 2015. In addition, the economic, political and social changes witnessed by the Yemeni society throughout the last four years in which armed conflict got escalated, have resulted in a significant halt of productive operations of economy, absence of State from the economic scene, full suspension of public investment programs; let alone the transfer of a substantial part of the local capital abroad to explore investment opportunities in safe countries and, thus resulted in closing down many productive and service institutions on top of which are the small-scale enterprises and associated layoffs, reduction of daily working hours and increase of unemployment and poverty rates within the society in general and among youths in particular.

This paper has been prepared within the framework of “Development Leaders Project” carried out by “Resonate! Yemen” in partnership with International Law Group and General Policies with a view to creating active youth groups concerned with the issues of their local communities and working on tackling them in coordination with local authorities. This paper aims at analyzing the actual economic empowerment and the reflections of conflict and war on youths and providing them with proposed priorities and necessary interventions to promote the economic empowerment of youths. This paper has combined the descriptive (office) analysis based on the methods, ways and tools provided by the previous study and the participatory methodology, which is based on feedback of beneficiaries themselves and stakeholders through conducting focus group discussions among the youths and making individual interviews with some dignitaries concerned with economic empowerment of youths.
Mansour Al-Bashiri
Date Issued
Monday, September 23rd, 2019
Sana'a, Aden, Hadramaut, Ma'rib

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