Young people should strive to achieve

Maryam Al-Maari / 23 years old, from Al-Mukalla city, Hadramout Governorate - a student at the Faculty of media , Maryam, like other ambitious girls who seek active community participation to bring about social change and left her mark in the field of civil society and its media field.

 Maryam faced many difficulties that stood in the way of active community participation, including weak rehabilitation and training in the field of community participation, advocacy and community projects. In addition to the communication skills and other skills that young men and women need in order to enable them to play their roles in the community development process.

Maryam got a training opportunity and joined the "Leaders for Development" network in Hadramout Governorate within the "Leaders for Development" project implemented by the Resonate!Yemen Foundation with the support of the Policy and International Law Group, the  project aimed to form youth networks in the governorates of (Sana'a - Aden - Hadramout - Ibb) and provide them With a set of knowledge and tools necessary to enable them to contribute to the development process.

Maryam received extensive training in several topics including community leadership - advocacy and lobbying - preparing studies identifying societal needs - managing development projects) in addition to her participation in the third youth conference in Hadramout Governorate.

Maryam says that she has acquired many practical skills such as: writing reports - media skills - implementing advocacy campaigns - communication skills, which helped her to go into field work on the side of community development, and the training also contributed to expanding her knowledge in the aspect of negotiation, conflict resolution and studying needs Society and understanding advocacy campaigns and how to use social media in implementing advocacy campaigns, conflict resolution and dealing with the social situation during the war in which the country is going through.
"She managed to overcome the fear of standing in front of the public" after she acquired presentation and speaking skills with the public, in addition to raising networking skills with many local and international organizations during the implementation of project activities. "The program has effectively contributed to achieving my training needs by applying everything I learned in training on the professional side."
She is currently working as a presenter for programs at Al Mukalla Radio and news editor at Seda Hadhramout site, in addition to being a member of many youth initiatives working in the humanitarian aspect and the media officer of the Leaders for Development Network, and the media officer of the Traham Humanitarian Response Team. She also volunteered in many posts on the societal and development side. Recently she participated in the Areej Press Conference and in the international symposium on the role of the media in covering humanitarian issues in the Jordanian capital, Amman.
Through her work in the media field, Maryam seeks to deliver a media message of the importance of youth and women's participation in the development process, and aspires to become a professional  journalist in the field of human stories concerned with women and children, or professional presenter of programs.

 I advise young people to take advantage of their energies to develop their knowledge and skills. By searching for training opportunities, young people should strive to achieve their aspirations, dreams and future goals, whatever the challenges.


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