Success Stories


Afaq Shababia Foundation is a local development institution established in 2013 in Aden. It promotes development and peacebuilding in the community.
Afaq Foundation had participated as an implementing partner in the governorates of Aden, Lahj, Abyan and Al-Dhalea in the APPY project through debate activities, research and support for youth initiatives. The Foundation implemented two youth debates that promote peacebuilding and trained more than 20 youth initiatives on implementing advocacy campaigns. It also funded 11 youth initiatives to implement activities to promote peacebuilding in the governorates of Aden and Lahj. During the project, Afaq conducted 1083 questionnaires and 37 focus interviews to collect Yemenis' viewpoints on peacebuilding operations in the governorates of Aden, Lahj, Abyan and Al-Dhalea.
Over the course of 3 years of Afaq’s participation in the activities of the APPY project, its staff received many trainings in the field of advocacy, debate skills, field research skills and financial work, which contributed to enhancing the knowledge and skills of the Foundation's employees, developing financial and administrative work, and enhancing the conceptual perspective of the Foundation among donors.
In fact, the APPY project contributed to strengthening the Foundation's relations with the partner local community organizations within the framework of the project in various governorates through meetings, workshops and in-person or remote trainings. Furthermore, the project activities implemented by the Foundation contributed to enhancing its societal impact and ability to reach the largest number of youth, youth initiatives and social figures, increasing its the presence and impact at the local level.
It is noteworthy that Afaq Shababia Foundation had encountered many challenges during the implementation of the APPY project activities, including the Corona pandemic and the remote implementation of all activities. This transformation created a new reality that the Foundation and its counterparts have never dealt with. Nonetheless, receiving relevant training, Afaq was able to successfully implement the project activities.