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Hadrami girl classified as one of the most influential writers in the peace process

Women are an important part of society and play an essential role in development.
Development has become the process of expanding the choices of all social groups to ensure a decent life.
However, in Yemeni society, there are many challenges facing women in active community participation in peacebuilding, including the lack of acceptance of women as key partners for peacebuilding and sustainable development due to the perception of women with gender-based discrimination.
Aisha al-Ja'di, 20, from Al-Mukalla city in Hadramout province, a student at the Faculty of Law, Aisha, like other aspiring girls who seek active community participation to bring about social change.
Despite the challenges faced by the active participation in society, especially with her young age, and the reprimand faced by the community because of the need not to work and will be exposed to mix with young people, but she insisted on facing all those challenges.

In June 2018, I got a training opportunity and joined the leaders of the development network in the governorate of Hadramout as part of the "Leaders for Development" project implemented by Resonte!Yemen provide them with a set of knowledge and tools to enable them to contribute to development processes.
Then she received intensive training in several topics of community leadership - advocacy and advocacy - the preparation of studies to identify community needs - management of development projects) in addition to her participation in the third youth conference in the province of Hadramout.

“There has been a big change in my scientific life after my participation in the Leaders for Development program.
She added: I had many training needs that I was able to get during my participation before the leaders of the development network, the program was designed in a way that suits our training needs.
We have provided us with a set of scientific and practical tools.
The advocacy and advocacy course is one of the most important courses that I benefited from the program.
In addition to networking opportunities with local authorities and decision makers in addition to local and international organizations.

While training as part of the activities of the Network, Aisha continued her work at the "Takween Cultural Club" which is one of the most prominent cultural institutions in Hadramout Cultural Center in Mukalla.
She has also written many articles specializing in peacebuilding.
The British newspaper The Guardian recently ranked her as one of the most influential writers in the field of peacebuilding in Yemen.

She was honored as a pioneer of civil society by the leadership of the local authority in Hadramout governorate, and was selected by the National Democratic Institute as the youth representative in the project as one of the leading youth in the field of civil society.
She is currently the Director of Projects and Programs at Takween Cultural Club.
She is also the project officer for Khatt Al Rajah, a cultural policy project chosen by the Cultural Resource Organization from seven projects in the Arab world and North Africa.

She Selected by the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations as one of the young peace builders in the program  Peacebuilders '' 2019, an online training program that includes several youth meetings and debates on the field of peace, and participated in an international meeting the first meeting in Madrid last October.

My goal in life is to be an influential person, a change-maker and an influential decision-maker, says Aisha.
 Young people need to take advantage of such important training opportunities that can change their careers, as well as be positive and seek social change whatever the challenges.