Success Stories

Opportunities do not gift but need effort and determination

Rosa Al-Hakimi, 25 years old, a girl living in a society where there are customs and traditions that hinder the girl from contributing to community work ... In times of war, unemployment among young people increases and opportunities for their dreams diminish. 
In early 2017, Rosa graduated from the Department of Political Science at Sana'a University to begin her journey in search of a job suitable to her specialization in light of the shrinking opportunities to work in the field of politics. "After finishing college, I faced a lot of criticism for studying political science and it's hard to get a job, because of the scarcity of public policy jobs," says Rosa.

As long as there is a goal there will be hope to achieve it, Rosa says. In July 2017, I applied to participate in the Leaders for Development Program implemented by Resonate!Yemen with the support of the Policy and International Law Group. I was accepted into the program and during the period of implementation of the program I received qualification in many areas including: leadership and negotiation, advocacy and advocacy, and the preparation of projects and the study of community needs, in addition to conflict resolution and building community consensus.
The program effectively raised my abilities and knowledge, enabling me to engage in community work and in the field I have always wanted to work in. The training was qualitative in the refinement of cognitive skills through practical application and this reflected the seriousness of the institution in the rehabilitation of youth leaders, with skills and experience working within the framework of a single national and not just mere theoretical training ends with the end of the implementation period.

During the program I volunteered at Resonate!Yemen! The first year of work in the field of studies and research, thanks to the support of the Foundation and their belief in my abilities. I aspire to be an experienced public policy researcher.
 I believe that the opportunities are not given, but are taken by perseverance and constant effort. I advised the youth not to stand uncovered in front of the challenges facing them and created anything.