Success Stories

An Everlasting Development Journey - Amjad Bahashwan

The “Leaders for Development” project contributed to building the capacities and skills of trainees; Amjad was one of the project beneficiaries in Hadramout. He took part in refining theoretical, practical and applied skills in peacebuilding, preparation of development projects and advocacy campaigns.
Amjad applied these perceptions through his activity at Al-Wasat Foundation for Development, reflecting what he learned. He was able to receive funding for a number of projects, implement a number of advocacy campaigns, and sign a number of agreements with different parties to serve the local community. Additionally, he comprehended the different aspects that will help him manage the foundation. 
As a result of Amjad's efforts at Al-Wasat Foundation, he was able to become an active member of the Social Accountability Coalition.
Amjad's journey of training, qualification and capacity building started from the Leaders for Development Project, making Al-Wasat Foundation, today, a partner with Resonate!Yemen in its current and future projects. 

"I was eager to reflect what I learned since the days of training in the project, which consolidated the ideas, and with time, I increased in experience and learned a lot. Today, we teach others what we have learned and we transfer our experiences to colleagues in the institution." 

"Man always strives to evolve. The existence of such projects is what brings progress for the best in our lives, helping us offer the finest of what we have to others, which is one of the meanings of success in life. If we do not make good use of these opportunities in such projects, there is no point in our participation in them, as there are those who desperately need them, and there are countless people wishing to have the same seats I had got, and they will give their best to serve their community."