Success Stories

A Piece of Development on the Dreams Island

In the activity of the research component of the Appy project – implementation in Socotra – Qalansiya:  
Socotra Island
Socotra Island, or Socotra Governorate, is one of the governorates where projects and activities are rarely implemented. That goes for many reasons, such as its geographical location, the different language, since it has a specific language that is entirely different from the Yemeni dialects, in other words, the Socotri dialect. There are many factors that made the implementation of projects difficult, particularly with the unbelievably far away institutions. In such circumstances, the APPY project comes to appear and breaks this belief around the island. The implementation did not take place in the usual direct-communication way, but it was rather implemented remotely. Even so, we had to face many difficulties, starting with the geographical distance, which requires us to deliver mobile phones to surveyors and researchers via airlines. Another problem was the selection of researchers and surveyors, due to the scarcity of educated cadres on the island who will be able to handle distance communication and implementation. A third one is the poor network and internet connections. But there is a better connection in Qalansiya. This forced us to sometimes use other communication networks at a higher cost. Finally, training surveyors and researchers to reach what they have accomplished today in using Kubo, Zoom and uploading via the internet, is yet the biggest success story to achieve by the project in this particular governorate. This activity was implemented by Bin Habreesh Foundation, and it is a fact that such implementation was almost impossible.