E-Commerce Challenges Facing Yemeni Entrepreneurs

Many Yemeni entrepreneurs have recently turned to internet commerce (e-commerce) to improve their livelihood and generate income. E-marketing pages widely spread across social media platforms, and e-commerce apps were launched, including food delivery, service, delivery and other apps, which are easily accessed using a mobile phone or a computer. However, the e-commerce environment in Yemen is still underdeveloped compared to the activity volume, which puts entrepreneurs in the face of multiple challenges, undermining their commercial aspirations as well as the e-commerce expansion. This paper outlined several legal, organizational, technological, financial and other challenges facing e-commerce entrepreneurs. It also concluded recommendations, including establishing a legal environment and regulations for the e-commerce activity; improving the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) infrastructure; providing financial and technical support and others. These recommendations should be actioned by the public and private sectors and civil society organizations (CSOs) to improve and encourage e-commerce.