Resonate! Yemen in Ten Years

This report comes on the tenth anniversary of Resonate! Yemen highlights the ten most important milestones the foundation has gone through since its inception. The first milestone of Resonate! was the Friends of Yemen Conference in London, where Resonate! moved from being just an idea to the second milestone, becoming an initiative. It then moved to the third milestone, which is becoming an officially registered foundation.
Resonate! continued on its journey and moved from one milestone to another. The thousand miles the  journey continued with the fourth milestone, which The Report in Context was signing the first agreement to implement the project of involving Yemeni youth in the 10-point plan of the Yemeni government.
Implementing its first project was the fifth milestone of Resonate! The sixth milestone soon followed, during which Resonate! held several workshops. The seventh milestone was holding several debates. Preparing and issuing policy papers was the eighth milestone, and then the ninth was designing training manuals, studies, flyers, reports, and booklets.
Today, as Resonate! stands at the tenth milestone, publishing this report, it reviews what it said it would strive to achieve in ten years, and what it has achieved.