The reality of marginals in Hadramout - and how they can be reintegrated into society

The members of the marginalization group are still presently presenting a challenge to society in Hadramout, the reality of marginalization is marginalization on the part of the two parties, by the same groups through its continued isolation of itself from Hadrami society through its keenness to preserve its behaviors and culture that society does not accept in Hadramout, as well as society He practices isolation of himself from these groups, as he does not take the initiative to help marginalization group  to  change their  culture and behavior with the common and acceptable general limit.
Not only that, but the effects of the existence of such groups outside the community and the state have extended to security, social and cultural problems, so some civil society organizations initiated vigorous attempts to make attempts to integrate these groups into society through a set of practices that seek to achieve this.

In this framework, this paper came as part of the initiatives of civil society organizations in identifying more about the nature of the problem, its dimensions and effects, and the paper concluded that to discuss the problem, it has to work on two tracks: The first: Urgent and includes incentive initiatives to issue an identity card, enroll in education, and offer other health and social services. The second: strategic and includes long-term social inclusion through housing and income sources.
This paper was written within the Policy Fellowship Program in Yemen within the framework of the activities of the "Leaders for Development" project implemented by the Resonate!Yemen Yemen with the support of the International Law and Public Policy Group (PILPG).