Firing shots- Ibb


This paper dealt with an analysis of the problem in terms of victims, human losses, material damage to property, the reflection of the phenomenon on development, and its negative impact on reassurance and societal security. It also provided a picture of the causes and reasons related to abundance of weapons, the security measures used, and the level of integration of the roles of the concerned authorities, and also exposed to the repercussions of war Which exacerbated the problem, and the impact of the social dimension that fuels this negative phenomenon, as the paper included a presentation of the legal framework that affects dealing with the phenomenon.
This paper concluded that the elimination of these phenomena does not only lie in the role of the security side only, but is a shared responsibility between the authority and the community and community organizations themselves. The solution cannot be accomplished from a single perspective that is limited to security control measures and legislation without immunizing society intellectually against this phenomenon.
The paper reached a set of recommendations: It is the care of the concerned authorities, the local authority, security and the judiciary to develop a document of honor (community or tribal) in accordance with the norms and an executive mechanism to define strict security measures that deal with the problem and organize procedures for dealing and coordination between the various stakeholders in accordance with the document of honor referred to with the importance of determining A large financial penalty of more than 300,000 Yemeni riyals for anyone who proves the firing of gunshots or whoever conceals them from the owners of occasions, as well as approving a prison sentence of no more than three months.