Local Authority and Community Accountability in Yemen

The paper discussed the reality of societal accountability at the level of local authorities in Yemen based on the legislation regulating the work of local authorities on the one hand and the reality of the exercise of these powers on the ground on the other hand.


The paper concluded that the most important obstacle to the exercise of the members of the local authority in Yemen the right to hold employees of the offices of the executive agencies at the local level is the lack of capabilities and skills of members of the local authority and their lack of adequate training and training in this area to exercise this legal right. In addition to the lack of continuity in obtaining the investment budget since the year 2015, as an area of accountability and oversight, and as a catalyst for exercising this right by providing financial requirements that cannot be exercised without providing them, the low awareness of the citizen and the absence of political will of the central authority played a prominent role in the absence of societal accountability.