Youth and parliament in Yemen

It aims to assess the extent of the relationship between the youth in particular and the parliament as a legislative institution and elected members and know what are the obstacles to the communication and communication process between the various parties and are there real problems that could affect the level of real youth participation in formulating public policies and enhancing their interactive roles? And what are the opportunities that can be used from them To reinforce that role?

This paper points recommendations to three actors and subjects of influence when working with them:


To the youth: In order for them to play their role in influencing an important institution such as the parliament, they must first raise their awareness of a set of concepts related to the parliament and the nature of the roles that members play inside and outside Parliament, just as the youth need to assess their cognitive and logistical capabilities to establish permanent and effective communication channels, whether that With Parliament as an institution, or with parliamentarians of various affiliations, to be more influential.

To members of Parliament: Members of Parliament must present themselves after the elections as representatives of the community, set specific times to meet with citizens, go out to remote areas, and find a link with local councils or representatives of the people of the region. In addition to forming a special task force to follow newspapers and social media to read issues, follow projects and services, the duration of their completion, and submit a quarterly report to the department's children

To the General Secretariat: Supporting auxiliary councils of parliament, youth shadow parliaments, activating a complaints box with the possibility of displaying citizens ’messages within Parliament, using modern technical means to enhance communication and activating citizen participation, such as setting up a website where laws and topics that need to poll their views are discussed. Special tasks list In the House of Representatives, it must include preparing a state program by the deputy to communicate with the members of the department, focusing on raising the capabilities of the General Secretariat staff, publishing technical reports, and reconsidering the budget submitted to the member of parliament and scheduling it.