Youth initiatives in Yemen

The paper aims to know the problems that affect the work of youth initiatives, and to identify the nature of the role that youth initiatives play in society, and how the youth energies can be employed in an optimal way that serves development and helps in developing their capabilities and devising opportunities that can be invested to create a better reality in which society works responsible and transparent.

The Ministry of Youth: Developing its strategy, reviewing policies and procedures related to youth, and opening smooth communication channels far from the bureaucracy that creates a barrier for young people while trying to communicate with official authorities and establishing an advisory body for initiatives, providing a youth incubator and appropriate places that young people can manage their meetings and activities or rehabilitate Youth hostels in the governorates, provide a clear database of active initiatives, define their field of work and scope, and work to coordinate between them, produce a newsletter of initiatives and activities, and review success stories.


Local and international civil society organizations: work to build organizational capabilities, qualify individuals of initiatives on the skills needed to manage their initiatives, work to provide consultants for emerging initiatives, work to provide some incubators for youth initiatives, and adopt awareness campaigns to raise community awareness of the importance of volunteering, and set uncomplicated standards while supporting initiatives Financing its activities and taking into consideration its current situation.

For proactive youth: searching for other sources of financing and building new relationships such as the private sector, developing a mechanism for communicating with youth initiatives working in the same field and the geographical framework, investing opportunities provided in capacity building, building a network of relationships with all relevant parties, whether government or organizations, the private sector, and initiatives Good marketing of the initiative.