Repercussions of the conflict in Yemen on political parties


The paper aims to provide an approach to the repercussions of the current conflict in Yemen on the political work environment, and the negative impact on partisan work in Yemen due to the civil divisions and the rise of militias, as well as exploring options to reproduce the political roles of right-wing parties in light of the current scene.
The study concluded that the continuation of the armed conflict comes at the expense of the role of political parties and their representation of the population, which requires quick action to stop them and re-consider political options, not arms, in resolving the Yemeni crisis. The parties should strive to search for and develop potential peace opportunities through political initiatives. To maintain its role through the media to express through it what the citizen suffers, which helps to enhance the citizen's confidence in his attitudes towards him and that she must express the citizen away from the considerations of war and work to adopt cases of violations.
Regional and international actors must enhance consultation and communication with political parties and ways to involve them directly in any negotiating path to resolving the crisis and armed conflict in Yemen.