Repercussions of the conflict in Yemen on the political participation of youth.

The paper aims to provide a brief reading about the reality of youth political participation since the events of 2011 in addition to analyzing the political work environment in light of a set of challenges and obstacles facing young people and limiting their participation, as well as exploring possible opportunities and options available to produce political roles that enhance youth political participation.

The paper concluded on: Political parties that are considered one of the mechanisms for activating political participation, through which the values that regulate the group's life are laid and give them the ability to influence the setting of public policies in their homeland. And if there are channels through which government policies can be judged as valid or not, then he can only provide an alternative policy under the political party, so his voice will be more heard, and therefore party leaders should adopt support for youth participation in party policies and regulations and allocate specific seats to young leaders in Organizational structure of the party.


To international and local organizations: The paper concluded that the importance of civil society lies in the fact that it constitutes a legal framework through which young people can play political and social roles that are extremely important on a personal and public level. Therefore, civil society must build the capabilities of youth and political empowerment and encourage their inclusion and participation in civil society and party organizations as well as support Youth-led organizations and projects he creates with a focus on supporting rural youth.

To the young people themselves: The study concluded that the role that young people play has given it great importance and it has also strengthened society's confidence in the importance of the roles it plays. Young people should impose themselves and interact more with the environment surrounding them and all its components and build bridges of trust with the various parties to open wider fields for active participation in social and political life. Young people should focus on the importance of working in organized groups and building alliances to express themselves more strongly and work Finding a legislative system that determines the rights of youth and stipulates their participation and empowerment in decision-making positions and guarantees of developing educational curricula is important in political formation from the family and the school to the university