Analytical Study 1: The reality of societal accountability in Yemen


This study aims to provide an integrated diagnosis of the reality of societal accountability in Yemen, in order to assist the government and actors in the field of societal accountability in designing appropriate projects and activities that contribute to strengthening the reality of societal accountability, improving public services, enhancing trust between the citizen and the government, and reducing unreasonable practices.
The study concluded that the enforcement of the Yemeni legislative system is not compatible with its texts, and that there is a wide gap between the legislative texts and their implementation in reality. In addition to the lack of sufficient knowledge of Yemeni legislation related to transparency and accountability, such as the law on the right to access information, and the weak enforcement of these laws in reality, through the failure to transform these laws from the formulation of theory to practice. It was also shown in the aspect of the government's commitment to apply the principle of transparency and accountability 
That there are limited partnerships for citizens and beneficiaries other than civil society organizations in setting general policies for government agencies and they almost disappear when setting their budget or following up on their implementation, and that there is a great deal in the commitment of the government sector to apply the principles of transparency and accountability, and a large gap exists between the aspirations of the public and the policies of government agencies.