Accountability Guide 1


This guide aims to clarify the basic concepts and methodological framework for citizen participation in managing local affairs and practicing democracy.
 It also aims in general to identify the most important tools of societal accountability (participatory budget and community assessment card), and provides some behaviors that must be dealt with in the event of the application of these two tools, and develops applied skills in the training aspect.
In this guide, societal accountability was addressed through two tools that we see as one of the most important tools of societal accountability, namely the participatory budget; and the societal evaluation card, they are complementary tools to each other that enhance societal participation, and the two tools refer to some of the topics that are defined in each tool by presenting its historical start, importance, goals, features, and obstacles. From the application of the tool, and also the stages and steps of its implementation.

This guide has been prepared as a reference document to help: Improving the level of citizen awareness of local life and local work. Reducing barriers to citizen participation. Improving citizens' awareness of how decisions can be taken at the local level. - Promote the participation of civil society and citizens in the management of local affairs. Facilitate partnerships between the local council and citizens.