A Civil Society Organizations Governance Manual


This  Guideline aims to provide knowledge, guidance and guidance to civil society organizations in Yemen on the general principles of corporate governance and the practical steps to practice them as part of governance practices.
This guide consists mainly of two basic parts. The first deals with the conceptual framework of the guide and includes the legislative, legal and organizational foundations of civil society organizations, and the concepts of governance in addition to its basic principles, to give the reader broad knowledge that answers his questions about the components of governance and its content and how it relates to the legislation and laws that lead to these principles to be transferred afterwards. The reader to the second part of the guide that deals with the procedural framework and includes practical steps for beneficiaries to proceed with the procedures for applying governance within their organizations in addition to a list of criteria to verify the extent of achieving these steps Soundly.

This is followed by the end of the guide, a set of tools that include the organizations evaluation form, the organizational governance framework, the strategic vision preparation framework, the list of targeted entities for disclosure and the information to be disclosed. Code of values, principles and behavior. Control environment, proposed training programs for cadres of organizations, session meeting management models.