Research and policy centers in Yemen, obstacles and challenges


The paper aims to provide a summary of the most important obstacles facing research and policy centers in Yemen and the extent of their impact on the future of scientific research and its employees and to explore opportunities to enhance the true role of these agencies and provide scientific recommendations to provide a better environment for research work in Yemen.
This paper presents a set of recommendations to four concerned parties:


To the government and decision makers: they must overcome the artificial fears that have created a crisis in its relationship with research centers and institutions and work to adopt an open policy towards research centers that change from the previous stereotypical view and work to review the policies and legislations to create a stimulating environment for research work accompanied by recognition and appreciation of the importance of the bodies based on it And to ensure benefit from those studies and researches, discussion workshops can be organized between representatives of the government and research and study centers to discuss the possible roles and responsibilities of each party and the development of joint work mechanisms and the establishment of a fund to support scientific research similar to the Fund R Young people and youth care is managed by a higher council for scientific research from specialists in various fields according to the tasks of clear and specific responsibilities and enjoys independence.
To centers and institutions of thought and scientific research:
Institutions should work to maximize intellectual independence within their entity, commit to transparency and interact with the environment by adopting concrete, concrete issues, researching important and general problems, and providing logical recommendations and viable solutions. Involve the private sector in scientific research and coordination between them and research centers, the government sector and civil society. Work to create a platform that collects, publishes and promotes studies and research in one place.
To the supporters of international organizations: Providing programs to qualify workers in this field in addition to focusing more on projects related to the research side and developing the capabilities of institutional centers through providing consultations, transferring experiences, exchanging experiences, and holding international conferences related to research and studies.
To researchers and the student community: commitment to the scientific profession. He is supposed to remain vigilant to provide his knowledge through available means such as participating in seminars and workshops and the initiative to acquire new skills.