The local environment for community accountability in Yemen


This guideline  aims to enhance the capabilities of the Yemeni community, individuals and groups, in the implementation of planning and establishing effective listening sessions that contribute to enhancing the levels of communication between citizens (as beneficiaries) and decision makers (as providers of public services), which will contribute to raising the quality of public services quality and thereby alleviating the suffering of citizens.
This guide provides theoretical and procedural information in an organized manner that is easy for the reader to capture and transmit at the same time. The reader notes when moving from the first section of the guide to the last section is the transition from the public to the specialist in a coherent context that ends up helping the participants not only in the procedural application of the hearings, but in Increased conviction of its effectiveness and importance as a development tool rather than accounting.
Each section of the guide contains a set of exercises that aim to help participants understand their content. This is in addition to motivational questions that the trainer can use while covering each section to stimulate participation and discussion.