The humanitarian situation in Yemen


The paper aims to shed light on the level of humanitarian deterioration in Yemen, and on the various difficulties impeding the efforts of humanitarian partners.
The study concluded that ending the war is the essential recommendation that would alleviate the suffering of millions of Yemenis, and that this decision is primarily political and seems to require a lot of time. This paper also provides technical solutions that recommend the parties to the conflict in Yemen and humanitarian partners as well as society The international community to take them into consideration and press for their adoption in order to achieve an effective response to the continuous deterioration in the humanitarian situation in Yemen, including working on a single window to coordinate and accelerate humanitarian work, And take urgent remedies to improve the efficiency of humanitarian work by activating the role of government institutions and their units by accelerating the issuance of models and facilities for organizations and the continuous evaluation of humanitarian needs. The international community has pressed the parties to the conflict to stop targeting civilians, facilitate the flow of food and drug commodities, stop arms sales to the conflicting parties, and facilitate cash transfers to Yemen.