Annual Report - 2022

Resonate! Yemen Foundation is pleased to present its 2022 annual report, highlighting the significant accomplishments achieved in the areas of development, social accountability, and public policies. Throughout the past year, the Foundation's dedicated team has achieved a multitude of successes. Resonate! Yemen has further strengthened its collaboration with local authorities and relevant decision-makers, as it works towards its future vision of attaining mutual development objectives and fostering local community growth. The Foundation renews its commitment to ethical principles, humanitarian values, and international standards in all activities and projects.

In 2022, Resonate! Yemen implemented several qualitative projects that align with its strategic objectives. These objectives are derived from the firm belief of the Foundation's management in the profound impact of a strategic approach. By firmly adhering to this principle, Resonate! Yemen actively showcases its unwavering dedication to adopting and advancing governance values in all aspects of their work.