The recent events in Yemen have transformed hundreds of thousands of Yemeni youth into grassroots political activists, ending many years of youth disenfranchisement in Yemeni politics. Believing in the importance of sustaining this momentum and enabling Yemeni youth to continue playing an active and positive role in shaping the political landscape of Yemen, Resonate! Yemen has developed this project to support in developing more institutionalized youth entities.
The project will build the capacity of 10 youth groups from the change and freedom squares of Sana'a, Taiz, Aden, Houdeidah, and Hadhramaut.
The program is designed on the principle of participation in planning to address the needs and take into account the privacy of each group involved in it. Each participating group will also have the opportunity to submit a small grant application to fund a project in their area of their interest.

Institutional building of youth movements

Start at

February 1st, 2012

End at

July 9th, 2013


Sana'a, Aden, Al Hudaydah, Hadramout, Taiz

1.Strengthen the Yemeni youth groups understanding of the different roles they can play in the coming period in Yemen
2.Coach and provide technical assistance to the different youth groups on formalizing themselves into advocacy organizations, policy research organizations, political parties, Monitoring organizations, university student organizations or any other form of Civil Society Organizations.
3.Facilitate the agreement of the different youth groups on a common vision of the constitutional reforms and electoral law changes and other transitional period activities.
4. Support youth groups with small grants to build their internal structures and begin implementing their programs.
The project was implemented with the support of the European Union

Achieving the institutional building of ten youth movements and benefiting from the grants offered to transform into a more permanent entity and establishing 10 civil society organizations in various fields.

Youth movements