In light of the increasing importance of the role of civil society organizations as a third partner in the overall development process and the need to have a concrete and comprehensive role in achieving this, the idea of working with indicators of good governance to assess the role of the internal systems of organizations as one of the factors affecting their ability to do their work optimally. It will contribute to the best services to the community and support development efforts more effectively.
Based on the firm conviction of Resonate!Yemen  Foundation, Yemen and GIZ (German Agency for International Cooperation) / Good Governance Program, the importance of contributing to enhancing the role of civil society organizations and raising the efficiency and effectiveness of these organizations in carrying out their roles. The idea of the project "Governance of Civil Society Organizations" came.
The idea of the project is to implement a range of activities to help strengthen the principles of governance in civil society organizations based on wide partnerships between 100 local organizations and government agencies directly related to the work of civil society organizations.

Governance of Civil Society Organizations

Start at

March 1st, 2018

End at

December 1st, 2018


Sana'a, Ibb, Aden, Ma'rib, Hadramaut

Strengthening the capacity of civil society organizations in the field of governance.

1. Strengthening the knowledge building of the boards of trustees of civil society institutions on governance.
2. Contribute to the creation of a culture that supports the governance of civil society organizations and promotes the principles of transparency using modern electronic means.
3. Building broad and constructive partnerships between government agencies and civil society organizations.

Strengthen the partnership and build constructive relationships between experts and specialists in both government agencies and civil society institutions through the implementation of 3 round tables.

Preparation of a guide on the governance of civil society organizations.

Building the capacity of 10 organizations from five governorates with an average of two persons from each organization in the areas of (training of trainers, manual on the governance of civil society organizations, reporting and financial management).

Training of 100 organizations from five governorates by the trainers' training program on the NGO Governance Manual.

Publication of the site and the directory and attract organizations to apply the corporate governance guide to be evaluated and add their data to the website.

110 civil society organizations