The most important event of this year in Yemen was the National Dialogue Conference, which was launched with the participation of 40 independent young people from all over Yemen. They were part of this event and were chosen among 565 members representing various political parties and movements and components of Yemeni society from all over Yemen.

Most of the young candidates came from outside the capital, and they do not belong to any political parties, unlike the older participants in the national dialogue, who have political or media means that support them and have spent their lives practicing politics, and if these young participants can get an opportunity to influence the course of the dialogue They need to be able to build a strong base and have a strong attachment to that base.
Involving the community in the development of the dialogue will ensure that the results of the dialogue are real and not a repetition of previous policies of closed-room agreements.

The Resonate Foundation! Yemen and Sport Yemen Group and their partners have developed strong relationships with many of the participating youth dialogue, who welcomed the provision of media support to them and emphasized their need for this program.

The project of the media support program for independent youth in the National Dialogue Conference aims to enhance communication between the youth of the independent dialogue and between young people outside the National Dialogue Conference, as well as the general public, by filming and producing informative videos for the youth of the independent dialogue and developing a website documenting all media materials produced by the youth of the independent dialogue It enables the public, in general, to communicate directly with them, and the youth respond to all the public's questions.

Media support program for independent youth in the national dialogue

Start at

Wednesday, May 8th, 2013

End at

Wednesday, October 16th, 2013



Project activities:

Two training workshops were conducted on political communication skills and media handling (press interviews, TV interviews).

Training in new media skills. 

Film production stage.

 The launching stage of the website.

 The seminar stage via (Google Hangout).

• Enable youth of dialogue from the necessary media technologies and capabilities during and after the transition.

• Promote communication between young people of independent dialogue and the general public, especially the youth.

• Helping to build a broader popular base for young independent dialogue who can build on it in the event that the signs of the dialogue's outputs are not satisfactory to them.

• Extending societal participation in the discussions of the dialogue work teams.

24 independent youth trainees participating in the National Dialogue Conference were trained in the skills of dealing with the media (press interviews, television interviews, new media) and building their capacities in political communication (media support program).
• Implementation of 4 panel discussions for the targeted youth and broadcast live on using Google Hangout.
• Production of 20 introductory films for independent youth in the National Dialogue Conference and a short film that explores the views of young people participating in the dialogue on federalism in Yemen and the presentation of those films on social media.
• Create an electronic window represented in a website to introduce the independent youth to the National Dialogue Conference.

Independent youth at the National Dialogue Conference.