The project targeted a wide range of youth through representatives of youth initiatives that work or seek to work in the field of peace building and community cohesion. By undertaking a capacity building program, the participants were able to manage their funded projects in a more effective and sustainable manner in wartime. This restored the participants’ hope in their ability to influence, work and overcome the difficult reality imposed by all the manifestations of the armed conflict. The project, which spanned over a period of twenty four months across five governorates, aimed to train youth on how to carry out advocacy campaigns on peace-building-related issues.

Peace makers

Start at

Wednesday, April 15th, 2015

End at

Wednesday, March 15th, 2017


Sana'a, Taiz, Aden, Hadramaut, Al Hudaydah

Project activities:

1- Holding meetings in Hodeidah and Mukalla

 2- Create platforms for remote discussion of regional WhatsApp groups and on the Facebook page

3- The first workshop of the National Steering Group in Amman on: The role of youth and women in the peacebuilding process in Yemen.

 4- Delivering a Peacebuilding Course Remotely (via WhatsApp) - A one-year course for 110 participants 5- The second National Steering Group meeting in Sanaa.

5- The closing ceremony of the project.

Strengthen the capacities of activists, youth and youth to work in peacebuilding at the local and international levels.

Rehabilitation of 120 youth with the skills and knowledge necessary to participate in and advocate for peacebuilding activities. 314 young activists have benefited from peacebuilding training, mentoring and capacity building.

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