For more than two years, Yemen has been experiencing difficult humanitarian, economic, and security conditions against the backdrop of political instability that has turned into armed confrontations between Yemeni political factions whose consequences continue to threaten the lives of millions of Yemenis. Poor societal awareness of the literature and tools of democratic action is one of the main reasons for this political instability in Yemen for decades. The community sector in Yemen is very weak compared to its role in promoting democracy and contributing to the improvement of the quality of public life through its implementation of all means of monitoring and follow-up and evaluation of the performance of other sectors such as the public and private sectors towards improving their efficiency to serve the life of the Yemeni individual. Based on this in-depth correction of the nature of the conflicts in the Republic of Yemen, the need to strengthen the capacities of the Yemeni society in community participation in improving public life by democratic practices is a great service and has a long-term impact. Based on this understanding, Resonate!Yemen Foundation and the National Endowment for Democracy Fund agreed in July 2017 to implement a project to support community accountability from July 1, 2017, to June 30, 2018. As the first phase of a long-term partnership towards supporting and strengthening Concepts and tools of community accountability in the Republic of Yemen.

Social accountability


October 2017


June 2018


Sana'a, Ibb, Hadramaut, Aden, Ma'rib, Taiz

Raising awareness of social accountability participation in enhancing transparency in Yemeni society.

• Raise levels of community accountability and good practices among participants and enable them to effectively use community accountability tools and practices.
• Analyzing the status of transparency and accountability in Yemen and identifying the main difficulties and challenges.
• Open channels of communication among those interested in community accountability in Yemen to promote joint efforts.

Raising awareness of social accountability participation in enhancing transparency in Yemeni society.

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