In its unceasing endeavor to amplify the voices of young people and empower them to participate in public policymaking, Resonate!Yemen implemented the Research Guidance Project in the preparation of public policy papers, for issues that touch the entity of society.

The program included raising the capabilities of 6 young men and women in preparing and advocating public policy papers on various social media platforms, with written, audio, and visual content.

The policy papers discussed the economic, political, and social dimensions that have affected the lives of Yemenis, to include issues of peacebuilding, societal peace and governance in Yemen. It also included the problems related to societal conflicts resulting from power outages, obstacles to women's community participation and travel problems, how the war has affected small and micro enterprises, and the challenges faced by emerging projects during the war.
The policy papers, furthermore, prepared by the researchers won the admiration and approval of experts in public policy analysis, which received 60% in terms of the coherence of the paper and the clarity of the problem, which will benefit those working on issues of peacebuilding, societal peace and governance in Yemen. 

Building on the success of the policy papers after their evaluation, the researchers organized a joint advocacy campaign entitled #حقي_بطريق_آمن (meaning: my right of a safe road) to highlight the suffering of citizens with roads. The campaign included posts launched on social media platforms, in addition to podcasts, and a short film, which shed even more light on this problem and reached 408776 people. 

This campaign addressed its messages to decision-makers and the local and international community for the purpose of reaching solutions that would reduce the size of the problem, considering the road problem as a focal point and common to the set of issues discussed in the policy papers.

Research Guidance Project in the Preparation of Public Policy Papers

Start at

January 2022

End at

January 2023


Yemen, all Governorates

International Partners

Enhancing the role of youth by involving them in public policymaking and supporting the peacebuilding process in Yemen.