The goal of the "Maker Impact" program implemented by the Resonate Foundation! Yemen, with the support of PAX, aims to build and strengthen the technical capabilities of young men and women and qualify them as community leaders and peacebuilders who are active and interested in the issues of their local communities so that they work to address them in coordination with the local authorities and councils.

The outputs of the project included two training phases for young people on five topics, including leadership skills, governance, identifying community needs, project preparation, conflict management, and gender. We also produce the formation of a youth network consisting of 21 young men/women, all of which will contribute to empowering young people in designing and advocating policies. public on issues of peace and overall accountability. The project outputs also included another training phase for the local councils in the three targeted districts.

The project included holding workshops, networking, and exchanging experiences that the participants obtained during the implementation stages of the program, which in turn enabled the youth to contribute to community development and establish the foundations of community peace in coordination with the leaders of the local authority and local and international organizations, which resulted in activating communication channels between the youth component and the local councils component. In addition to the implementation of 10 community initiatives by the youth component.

The project also worked to support the local councils by signing understanding agreements and working on technical cooperation programs, which were represented in (training the staff of the local council and executive offices). The project also sought, through its activities, to stimulate community participation among citizens and achieve progress in the path of providing public services.

As a result of this project, 3 decisions were issued to form the Community Committee for Peace and Community Partnership consisting of youth and the local authority, and 12 official decisions were issued to facilitate the field work and activities of youth in the ten initiatives related to women and community security, at a time when the capabilities of youth in community contribution grew to become actors and participants in Various community projects and activities.

Impact Maker Project

Start at

March 2022

End at

December 2022


Hadhramout, 3 districts

Support the establishment of a broad-based support to an inclusive peace and accountability process, on local, national and international level.

(i) Create safe and inclusive civic spaces for youth, civil society organizations and local council where creativity, dialogue and diversity are fostered. 
(ii) Strengthen the capacity of youth, CSOs and local council to promote social accountability, women empowerment in policy dialogue and youth participation in public affairs and decision-making contributing to more inclusive peacebuilding and resilient communities.